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Hair Today- Gone Tomorrow

So my biggest fear from all of this had finally come. I now had to shave my head. As I said this AC chemo is the RED DEVIL. Not only do you lose your hair but it feels like needles on your head. Your scarf is on fire and you can literally feel each strand of hair. Every move or touch hurts and pieces just falling everywhere. As much as you can prepare for this, its an emotional journey. This is when I look sick. This is when it's real.

I had prepared myself by cutting my hair shorter right before my first chemo treatment (see below). I thought if I slowly went shorter and shorter it would make the shave easier. Somewhat it did but it still was emotional.

I went wig shopping a few days before my 2nd treatment and found a wig that I loved and felt like myself in. Let me tell you though Wig Shopping is not easy.. I went to one place that was a cancer wig donation place but all the wigs looked like costumes and were kept in a drawer....ugh! So my sister and I went to Wig Heaven in Asbury Park. When you are looking for a real wig , you need to go to places where woman actually wear wigs everyday. And this place was perfect. The woman who helped us , her name was Miss Tammy, she had just the right energy that I needed. And we found the right wig.

So as a family we decided to cut my hair together, since this journey involves my family just as much as me. I had promised my kids that they would be able to cut my hair when it got to this point. So it wasn't as scary for them, and more

We handed the scissors over and Harper got to make the first cut. Then Jaxon, Doug, and my Mom got to cut it. Maggie then took over and buzzed the rest off. We cut it down pretty low but not completely. And after half an hour, it was gone.


Apr 16, 2023

My heart aches when I read your posts. My sister also had Red Devil. She (not my sister) is an absolute bitch. Hair is over-rated. I hope the pain subsides. The wig IS perfect! Throw that Dammit Doll around a little. 🐶


Mary DeSoucey
Mary DeSoucey
Apr 15, 2023

Love & hugs girlfriend💖


Michelle Viera
Michelle Viera
Apr 15, 2023

You are an amazing woman / and Mommy .


Apr 15, 2023

You are so beautiful, no matter what. Sending you love!!


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