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Chemo effects

So I didn't take a lot of photos during the next two weeks. After I got home from chemo I felt great, but slowly as the evening came so did the nausea. And it didn't stop no matter how much anti-nausea meds I took. I was alternating between Zonfran and Compazine. Both are to help me with the nausea but the first night was awful. I couldn't eat anything so I was thankful for that croissant and coffee from earlier. It held me over for the night.

The next day was slightly better but still not great. No appetite but I was able to finish a small piece of toast and water. Coffee at this point sounded repulsive. We headed to the oncologist for my white blood cell booster shot. As per usual there was issues with insurance so it took longer than expected. They didn't want to cover the shot and wanted them to give me a different one. Finally Dr. Horkheimer (My oncologist) was able to get me the correct shot that he wanted. So I got my shot and was told that I may get bone pain and lower back pain. The shot they gave me boosts my white blood cells but it stimulates the bone marrow. This can cause the bone pain. They also told me to expect insomnia from the steroid. Oh YAY, I can't wait! Bone Pain, Insomnia and Nausea.

When I got home after that shot, I started to get antsy. Like my body couldn't sit still. I was shaking and anxious. I could feel the anxiety and I was NOT happy. I started pacing around the room. I literally couldn't sit still. I apologized in advance if I yelled at anyone because I was feeling angry. I took some tylenol PM and some cannabis tincture. That helped my body to stop shaking and I was finally able to rest.

I felt crappy for the next couple of days. Each day was better than the one before and by Sunday I was eating normal meals again. I was extremely tired for the week following and needed to take a nap during the day. By the weekend I was regaining energy and starting to feel human again.

I had to go back to my oncologist the week after for a quick checkup to see how I was handling the first round of chemo. They took blood to see where my hemoglobin was at and gave me an overall checkup. My hemoglobin has gone to 10.5 so Im still low on iron. They were concerned with my reaction after the shot so the Nurse Practitioner changed one of my anti nausea medications for the next round. Other than that everything was clear.

So I made it through my first round of chemo. Took me a little over a week to feel good again...just in time for round 2.

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Eileen Low
Eileen Low
06 de abr. de 2023

Hi Annie,

My name is Eileen. I’m Sharon’s friend. Thank you for allowing me to follow your blog. You’re doing amazing! I completely understand what you’re going through. May I advise you on one thing? Take an allergy pill (Zyrtec or Allegra) before you get your Neulasta/Nupogen, it will relieve your bone pain. Good Luck!!!


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